The Unfettered Woman


When creating our product range,  I chose to design with specific people or attributes in mind. I also decided to have definite outcomes for each product.

With Woman, I designed the product for an Unfettered Woman.  I brought to mind what an Unfettered Woman would be like, and how she would present herself to the world, and then designed a product to reflect that ambition.

The question in your mind now of course is, what or who is an Unfettered Woman ?

An Unfettered Woman is one that looks into the mirror and is totally at peace with the woman she sees. She is a woman that knows that she is a being of power, with the knowledge of how and when to wield that power. She is happy with her body, and all the pleasure that it is capable of affording her. She is grounded and very in touch with the core of her being. She knows what her core values are and will not accept any compromise on those values. She is an expression of love on earth; through her work, her life, her children and her relationships, and she resonates this love out into the wider world. She WILL NOT be defined by the perspectives and the prejudices of others. She aspires to always be the greatest expression of her being. If that wasn’t enough, she also has great skin, that is beautiful and unique to her and a reflection of the greatness within.

So how in the universe was I going to design a product that reflected the attributes of this Unfettered Woman. To make this feeling accessible to us mere mortals, while only using with three to four essential oils?!

I must admit it was not easy…. far from it in fact. I went through several combinations of essential oils until I hit on a blend of with the right composition of attributes and aroma that would deliver the results I wanted. As usual, I used the same lotion base, which is completely vegetable derived, to ensure zero to minimal reaction in our clients with sensitive skin or eczema, and also to deliver that amazing luxury feel that our lotions deliver so well. The essential oils used this time were clary sage, elemi, palmarosa, and patchouli.


Why these essential oils?

Clary sage helps with skin rejuvenation and skin cell renewal, delivering truly healthy glowing skin. More importantly, it helps to quiet an over-busy mind, allowing you to have better focus and flow of ideas. It helps to balance and open the root and sacral chakras, which are responsible for keeping you grounded in your power, and the material world, and also helps you with your sexual expression and the expression of your sacred feminine.

Elemi has long been associated with helping to reduce the lines and wrinkles associated with aging due its skin rejuvenating qualities. It helps to balance and align all your chakras, and opens the solar plexus chakra, which will greatly enhance your creativity. It also helps bring relief to those that are emotionally depleted.

Palmarosa helps to open the heart chakra and grounds you into Mother Earth’s energy, giving you a greater sense of security and and unconditional love, you are nourished from within.

Patchouli, made famous during the summer of love, is known to be very useful in helping dry chapped skin and helping to prevent wrinkles. It is a renowned aphrodisiac that allows you to bring out the sexy goddess within. Patchouli aligns the heart chakra with the root and sacral chakras, helping you release old fears, insecurities and jealousies, and therefore enabling you to live life to the full. It helps relax your mind and clarify your thoughts; grounding you in the now and allowing you to let go of situations that are beyond your control. It expands your heart and crown chakras, allowing you to work from a place of love and insight.

Together these amazing essential oils deliver the aims of this remarkable vegan face and body lotion, which is to deliver a skincare product that brings out the best you, both within and without.

Take a look at Woman in our shop if you would like to find out more.

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