All That Glows… Aurum



Have you ever had that amazing moment in the sun in which there was warmth, life and the freshness of summer that literally made you GLOW. And have you wanted to hold onto that moment in your heart and your body for as long as you can?


Well I have, but because of the nature of the world around us that feeling fades every time. Sometimes it fades so quickly it feels like it never happened.

I decided to see if it was possible to recreate that feeling as a product that you can wear on your skin or put into your bath that allows you recreate that feeling at will. Can you imagine the positivity with which people will approach their daily lives if they could simply apply the glow?!

So firstly, I decided to analyse the feeling. For me, the feeling is freshness, warmth and sunshine… the way the sunlight plays on your skin highlighting the micro-fine beads of moisture followed by a gentle heat that warms you right through to your heart…lifting it. It is this feeling that makes you lift your face to the sun like a flower soaking up that feeling and puts a smile on your face.

So what essential oils could I possibly find that embodied this feeling?

You know,  this time it was actually very easy, it had to be citruses! All the citrus essential oils I could find where mixed and tested until I found the perfect three that I wanted Grapefruit, Orange, and Lime.

In addition to all of these essential oils literally calling up summer in the mind; they all work on the solar plexus and heart chakras opening and balancing them. This lifts up your heart allowing you to be more open to the possibilities around you.

So we have the essential oil blend, how do we deliver this to your skin in a medium that will not quickly compromise that feeling by being heavy or sticky? Well, we do have our incredible dispersible oil base. It is light, non sticky absorbs in quickly without leaving residue and leaves you feeling luxuriously moisturised…Result! And as a total bonus it can go into your bathwater and disperse completely releasing that stunning aroma into your bath water from which you emerge moisturised!

So I have the feeling, I have created two awesome methods for you to enjoy the feeling but I felt something was missing.

To truly be the glow I needed it to be GOLD…and there I hit the snag how do you do this without using titanium oxide or other allergents? It was at this point I discovered Mica!!! It is a completely inert silicate, so zero reactions and it came in glittering colours… I had my GOLD.

So ladies and gentlemen give you Aurum, the perfect sunshine moment in a bottle.

Psssst guess what?! this amazing feeling also now comes in soap form! of course all of our soaps are SLS-free, SLES-free, cruelty free and vegan friendly as normal

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