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While I was at the Covent Garden Jubilee Market over the winter, a client, who bought a collection of my products, paid me a great compliment. He said my products were really very good and that all I needed to really take off as a business was the addition of something new and exotic that no one had thought of before and hey presto I would be huge! I, of course, smiled, thanked him for his compliment, and wished him a happy flight.

When he left, I began to think about what he said, and I asked myself: why does a skincare brand need some new and exotic product to make it seen? Why can’t we celebrate the amazing and wonderful ingredients that are quite literally on our doorstep?

When I started designing the products that would later become the Concept:Skin range,  I decided on a simple sustainable premise, KEEP IT SIMPLE!  If I couldn’t get  the results I wanted from my products with everyday, well known, garden variety essential oils ( and by that I mean essential oils of  flowers, fruit, herbs and plants that can be found in our gardens, fridges, kitchen cupboards, hedges and woods etc) then don’t bother.

Look at the recent buzz around Argan Oil. It is an awesome oil. It is rich in Linoleic acid and Omega-6, rich in essential fatty acids that help reduce inflammation, soften skin and help protect collagen. It is amazing for hair and skin… and it costs an absolute fortune!!!

Now let’s look at the Field of Oilseed Rapehumble ever irritating rapeseed. Yes, its pollen can lead to no end of suffering to those afflicted with hay-fever but the oil is a dream come true for skincare.

It has equivalent levels of Omega 3,6 &9 to olive oil , Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Plant sterols than any other vegetable oil, all of which promote healthy hair skin and nails. It has an  anti-inflammatory action, protects collagen, helps with skin rejuvenation, protects the skin from free radicals and is incredibly light – so it is easily absorbed by the skin.

And the best part… it doesn’t have to be sourced by chasing down a goat that ate a fruit at the top of a tree and make it poop out the seed… in Morocco… when the moon was full…

Simply look out of your window.

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