About Us

CONCEPT:SKIN – Skincare for the Soul

About Us

My name is Chioma Esther Copeman, and I am the Creator of the skincare company, Concept: Skin Ltd.  My dream is to own a business that creates skin care for the soul and body naturally.

Having gained 15 years experience as a Pharmacist and as a pharmaceutical chemist,  I decided to create skincare company that cares for the person within and their body; skincare that can restore the person within to their highest potential allowing them to flourish and thrive. Skincare that allows this inner working to be made manifest on the skin; skincare that generates a light within that is reflected out into the  world .

I have created this company to be a LIGHT in the world, ethically focused and empowering. Concept:Skin will lead the way in ethically sustainable wealth creation. Concept:Skin will bring light, compassion, understanding, empowerment and enlightenment to its customers in the highest and best way.

To deliver this, my approach is to seek out ingredients that are organic and as natural as possible and tailor them to help deliver the highest goals that can be achieved to soul and body.

This combined approach ultimately enables people to be beautiful and confident on the inside and on the outside.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver organic, vegan, hand-crafted products that benefit soul and body using the materials available to us in nature. We aim to deliver our customer’s skin care goals and help them achieve mindfulness and balance, daily. We ensure that these products meet our ethics by being environmentally friendly,  organic, vegan friendly, cruelty free ( absolutely not tested on animals!!!), and exceptionally well priced. We believe that our products will leave you feeling amazing and empowered while delivering healthy, glowing skin .

Our Values

  • No Pseudoscience

    We believe in being honest and open and will not make spurious claims about our product. We won’t create gimmicks or terms that sound scientific, but in fact mean nothing. Instead we will explain our products in clear, straight forward English with a bit of the esoteric thrown in.

  • All Organic and Natural

    We only use the finest, UK sourced (where we can), natural ingredients. We hand blend these ingredients within a controlled environment to ensure that what you receive is as natural as possible. To this end we use the finest essential oils that we can find to add to our bases. That means that wherever possible we use CO2 extractions to ensure that we do not have to add unknown solvents to our products. At times we will even add natural plants like Lemongrass, Bay leaves and Lavender  etc. to ensure that we get the best, natural and effective products to you.

  • Results Driven

    We take a scientific approach to creation. We will never claim results that are unrepeatable, and we will never hide behind dodgy statistics. All of our products are trialed by a team of specially selected human product testers. Their opinions and thoughts are shared with you. Our formulas work because we use therapeutic concentrations of high quality natural ingredients that work together to create results.

  • Socially Responsible

    At Concept: Skin we put the customer at the heart of what we do, but we also ensure that our products don’t just work for you, they work for the environment and society as well. We do not use unnecessary synthetic chemicals in our formulations. That means your will find no SLS, SLES, Artificial Colours, Fragrances, Parfum, Parabens, Petroleum products, GMOs, Mineral Oils, Microbeads, Propylene Glycol or Lanolin in your purchases. All of our packaging is recyclable and reusable. Our glass bottles can be returned to us to be professionally cleaned and refilled with the product of your choice.