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Is it possible to create a space for mindfulness, wellness, positivity and authentic inclusivity in Skincare?

All our lives we have been told that we are not ‘enough’. This message is nowhere more apparent than in the beauty industry.

We are encouraged (or shamed) into believing that we ‘should’ be better or we should be more; anything but accepting of our true selves. 

Manufacturers and brands want us to think that we need to be sexier, have youthful looks and be ‘their version’ of beautiful – just so we can be forced into buying their latest products as they elevate our skincare/body insecurities. Aren’t you fed up? I certainly am!

Has the beauty industry manipulated you into being ‘not enough’?

I bet you didn’t realise that we are constantly surrounded by the message that we are NOT enough and have subconsciously started internalising and accepting it? Years of confidence  degradation and generational conditioning has made us believe that, if only we had the right length lashes, the right colour hair, the right height cheek bones, the right shaped mouth, wrinkle-free skin or, more frighteningly, the right colour skin for the race we are born into – that we could eventually be the perfect versions of ourselves.  

There is no body part of a woman that is not shamed into the thought that it is not good enough to be you! Yet, who decides what is good enough? Well, that’s a whole other blog in itself about body shaming.

We are kept in a state of constant fear and anxiety so that we can be coerced and gaslit into buying lipstick, anti-ageing products, botox, etc. solely for the purpose to present ‘the society approved’ version of ourselves. Meanwhile, our internal demons are torturing us to submit to the insecurities these emotionally abusive brands have nurtured in us, which is screwing with our wellbeing beauty!

Are you happy with the ‘society approved’ version of You?

After years of this abuse – and make no mistake, it is abuse – I asked myself some very simple questions:

1 – What if skincare was empowering instead? 

2 – What if it could help you reignite the spark in your spirit and let it be seen and celebrated? 

3 – And best of all, what if it did all this and was inclusive and didn’t ACTUALLY cost the EARTH? Now THAT would be amazing, right? Do you want to know more?

Wellbeing Beauty is your Ticket to Freedom, Beautiful Lady!

After comprehensive search – and trust me I searched high and low within the price bracket of a working independent woman – I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to make my own and, thanks to my background in pharmaceutical chemistry (and being an active practicing Pharmacist), I am well-versed in how to make the best natural products work for your wellbeing beauty with a core grounding in naturopathy (more on what this is in my next blog).

The first product I created for myself was ‘Lady’. I finally had a product that I loved!  By choosing the right essential oils, grapefruit, palmarosa and rosewood, as active ingredients; It fed my skin so that it was supple, nourished and it glowed! The Lady in me began to quiet the anxieties, fears and doubts I had force-fed about myself because of the beauty industry. I felt empowered, confident and happier, and that happiness showed on my skin .. I glowed!  I finally had a product that I loved and so can you

Lady Lotion, release the more confident, happier You

 Lady has the perfect balance of essential oils that soothes the mind, quiets anxiety and lifts the spirit while stimulating rejuvenation and nourishment of the skin. It is Vegan, Organic, ,Handmade and free from petroleum products and sodium lauryl sulphates. 

Soon I was creating products not just for friends and family but for paying clients.

If you would like to discuss this blog post further, please drop me a line using this form

I create for you, because your beauty should NEVER, EVER cost you your wellbeing, your sense of self or our beautiful planet earth. I look forward to hearing from you.

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