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Girl Lotion has been designed for the girl that fully participates in her own life and is beginning to forge her own identity. The girl that is beginning to understand her own power and allure.

We know that this realisation can cause uncertainty and stress in our girl, so for her we have designed a product that will support her through this and help her blossom!

Girl lotion has been made with a blend of organic chamomile, geranium and sweet orange essential oils, to create a beautiful a fresh spring-like, uplifting scent.

Girl Lotion helps our girl  to manage the acne breakouts, dry skin and oily skin  phases that are caused by virtue of just being a girl! The best bit is that is also helps with the anxiety, stress and low self-esteem that can arise from these situations!

The blend of essential oils in Girl Lotion helps bring balance to the third, fourth, and fifth chakras helping you calm your anxeities, feel more confident and more able to speak your mind.

It may be designed for younger skin but it works for everyone!

Girl Lotion has been designed especially for sensitive skin conditions, eczema and psoriasis. It is organic, cruelty-free and vegan.



Ingredients in English: The organic lotion base as described in lab notes and organic sweet orange, geranium and chamomile roman essential oils.

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