Balance Lotion


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Balance lotion made with organic Vanilla, Rosewood and Sandalwood essential oils is a warm hug in a bottle!

This organic lotion sinks straight into your skin delivering this amazing blend that wraps you up in a wonderful feeling of well being, calm and contentment from head to toe.

The blend of essential oils helps rejuvenate skin, helps with fading scars and redness, and helps tighten the pores. By helping to balance all your chakras this lotion helps create a positive,confident and balanced mind.

What a wonderful way to approach you day!

As with all our products Balance lotion is organic, vegan-friendly and cruelty free

Ingredients in English:

The Organic Lotion base containing natural ingredients,  organic vanilla, sandalwood,  and rosewood essential oils.

For an explanation of what goes into our organic lotion base see Lab Notes!

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