The Concept:Skin approach to sensitive skin

At Concept:Skin we believe that everyone should be able to access high-quality skincare products. When we started to develop our products, it was because we realised that most people couldn’t use mainstream moisturisers, and that the options for people with skin issues were very limited. Often the people we met with serious skin conditions were prescribed with steroid creams or simply told to use aqueous cream. We believe that these have their place, but don’t think that they really address the root causes of the problem. We’ve frequently seen that by moving to a more natural, chemical free option, the underlying causes can be eliminated.

“We want to change the way that people look at skincare. Products don’t need to be full of chemicals to work and help your skin look healthier. You don’t need the pseudo-scientific compounds that the TV shouts about, they are purely marketing gimics!”

Esther Copeman – Founder

By removing chemicals, instead of adding them, we help reduce the number of allergens that can cause your skin to react. By making all of our ingredients natural, organic and plant-based, our products are not only ideal for vegans, but also for anyone who has existing skin conditions. We then add essential oils derived from plants that have been used for centuries as part of a natural skincare regimen. We believe that this is far better for your skin, and it makes our products smell divine in the process! Take a look at two examples from our range:


Designed for younger skin, this full-body moisturiser helps our girl  to manage acne breakouts, dry skin and oily skin  phases that are caused by virtue of just being a girl! The best bit is that is also helps with the anxiety, stress and low self-esteem that can arise from these situations!


Grace started life in a crisis. A friend was having a bad skin day and needed something to get her through it, especially as she was going to a wedding! We used Aloe Vera as a base and added lavender, clary sage and chamomile to create the Ultimate Face Saver!